Washing Machine Repairs in Newton

Washing Machine Repairs in NewtonDo you have a faulty washing machine and are in need of washing machine repairs in Newton?  

Like many other appliances in a home, washing machines at times break down leaving you in a bit of a predicament, especially if you have a large household and require regular washing days. The cost of using a self- service laundry can be high, not only in the cost, but in time and convenience as well. The problem with a broken household appliance like a washing machine is finding a professional electronic repairman whom you can trust to fix the issue permanently to avoid any problems later on. There are many electrical appliance repair services, so which one do you choose?

In Newton, washing machine repairs are be done by Grange Electrical Co. Ltd, an all round electrical services business with over 50 years of experience in the industry. They specialise in the repair of most types of household electrical appliances and are familiar with the leading brands on the market. As they also have a large store of spare parts, you needn’t worry should your washing machine be an older model. With a large collection amassed over years of working with repairs of all types of electrical appliances, they are sure to have the spare part needed for your older model washing machine. If your washing machine is not quite as old, and they do not have the spare part in stock for the repair of your washing machine, they will source and order it at no extra cost.

Grange Electrical Co. Ltd not only provides the best washing machine repairs in Newton but they are also reputed for the sale of quality, high standard domestic appliances. They stock all major brands and if you are looking for a particular type of appliance, they will source it for you. All their services are fully guaranteed so you know you will be getting an excellent service. If your trusty washing machine has broken down and is in need of repair, contact Grange Electrical for fast, efficient and value for money service.