Fridge Freezer Repair in Irby

Fridge Freezer Repair in IrbyFridge freezer repair in Irby can be tricky. Our technicians are expert in many makes and models of fridges and freezers. It is sometimes difficult to hazard a guess on the problem without looking at the machine. We therefore need the machine in our workshop so that we can test the different systems. It could be anything from a compressor failure to a gas leak. Once we have identified the faulty part we will check with our spares department and find a replacement part. If the unit is still in production and we do not have the part in stock we can order it for you. If you have an old unit we may have the spares in stock as we keep thousands of older model spares. We have bought old units from shops closing down and dealers in spare parts. It is very likely that we will have the part you need.

When your two in one refrigeration unit stops working in Irby, fridge freezer repairs may be needed. Being two separate units sometimes means that there are two separate systems in the unit. One of the units may be working perfectly while the other has died. Instead of having to replace the whole machine it is sometimes cheaper to repair the faulty unit. If we have the spares on hand it will be quick and easy. You could have your unit back relatively quickly at a very affordable price. If we have to locate a rare item for the repair it may take longer. On the odd occasion it could be cheaper to purchase another unit. However we will do our best to repair your original unit as fridges and freezers often differ in size and only just manage to fit in the allotted space.

Fridge freezer repair in Irby is worth the trouble. Contact Grange Electrical today and find out how much you can save by having your unit repaired. It is always worth having an older model machine repaired. The cost of a repair is likely to be much less than the amount spent on purchasing a new machine.