Fridge Repairs in Tranmere

fridge repairs in TranmereYou need fridge repairs in Tranmere and everybody tells you to get a new one because they’re built with planned obsolescence and not meant to be repaired. Well, maybe and maybe not. Grange Electrical can help you make the decision to repair or replace. We are familiar with all the major brands and some not so major. Our techs literally have inside information about your fridge and we know which brands are built to last and which are not. If you have an antique fridge that cannot be replaced and you love it, we’ll repair it for you. We have been in business so long, over fifty years, we probably have original parts for your antique fridge laying around the shop. All other fridges can be repaired and you can trust our insight to know if the appliance is worth fixing.

There are a few rules of thumb to help determine if you should replace or repair your fridge. For those in Tranmere, fridge repairs are cost effective if your appliance is still under warranty; the cost is less than half what your machine is worth and the repairs will prolong the life of your fridge by several years. If the opposite is true then it’s time to replace your old fridge with a new one. Our electrical technicians are some of the best. We know your fridge inside and out and we stock parts for most brands. For you, that means a quick response and repair. Your family probably is not interested in putting off a decision to repair. Nobody wants to go a week without a fridge especially if it’s loaded with fresh food. Grange Electrical will get your fridge running like new right away.

Keep your old fridge running longer with easy maintenance to avoid fridge repairs in Tranmere. Keep the condenser coils clean because caked on dirt will cause coils to work harder causing unnecessary wear and tear as well as using more energy. Contact Grange Electrical as soon as your fridge stops working. Don’t open the fridge door because it will stay colder inside longer if the door is never opened. One of our techs will be quickly dispatched to get your fridge in top condition and family life back to normal.