Washing Machine Repairs in Prenton

Washing Machine Repairs in PrentonThere are several ways to discover you need washing machine repairs in Prenton. None of them are fun but all are surprising. Starting the machine and returning in an hour to find a tub full of hot water and dirty clothes that won’t agitate, drain or spin; a flooded laundry floor; a machine is not in the same spot you left it. The worst is following the noise to the laundry room and finding your machine spinning so hard there’s risk of launch. There is one other way to know if your washer needs repair; call us and let us check it over once or twice a year so we can replace worn parts, make sure the tub is balanced and the pump hose is clear of socks.

Most people will hear the noises and spot the first signs that their washer is not working as usual. In Prenton, washing machine repairs are just a matter of when. That’s when they take up praying each time they turn it on and say thank you when the cycle is complete. When it finally quits altogether half way through a load containing every last pair of jeans your kids own, you panic. It could be worse; it could be a load of towels. Those are so heavy to pull out of the water and wring out. It’s not too late, you can still call us and we’ll fix it for you. It doesn’t matter the age or the manufacturer because we service them all.

Washing machine repairs in Prenton will buy you time before you need to purchase a new one. The day comes eventually when it’s no longer practical and you have to buy a new one. Usually, if you can get at least one more year of service from your repaired machine, it’s worth the repair cost. Anything less and you’re throwing good money after bad. You can trust us at  Grange Electrical to give you the truth about the value of a repair. Call us when you sense washing machine trouble; the sooner the better. We respond quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your routine of kids wearing clean clothes.