Washing Machine Repair Service in West Kirby

Washing Machine Repair Service in West KirbyCall a reputed and reliable washing machine repair service in West Kirby when your appliance isn’t working. Grange Electrical has more than fifty years’ experience in sales, servicing, maintenance and repair of the leading national and international brands of white goods. We are proud of our reputation for delivering excellent service, quality workmanship, cost-effective solutions and our customer centric approach. No matter how major or minor the problem, we are glad to be of service. Our skilled, experienced and qualified technicians can quickly diagnose the problem, suggest the optimum solution, ensure that the work is completed swiftly, at the best possible price. We stock thousands of spares for all makes and models of appliances like washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, cooker-hoods, microwaves, toasters, irons, and kettles. If you have an older make or model, we can assist you, since we carry a huge inventory of rare, discontinued and obsolete spare parts too.

If your old washing machine is completely non-functional and you’d like to get a new one, we offer installation services for new ones, with removal for the old one. In West Kirby, washing machine repair services provided by us ensure that the problem is properly identified early enough. This will save you a greater expense later on. Many people try to open up the machine and try to fix it themselves. However, this is certainly not a job for DIY enthusiasts. It can be wasteful and dangerous. You could also risk doing further damage to the appliance. Today’s appliances are highly technology driven and only a trained, qualified and licensed professional technician can carry out repairs correctly and safely.

Washing machine repair service in West Kirby should be entrusted to the right technicians who have knowledge, experience and expertise. Common problems include issues like the machine not spinning or drying, failure to drain water, fault codes appearing on the display, noisy machines, machine jumping or shifting while in operation, door getting jammed, or bad smells. Our technicians can attend to  these problems. Contact Grange Electrical today if you need a washing machine repair service. As an independent business, we offer premium services, regardless of which brand, make or model you have.