Fridge Freezer Repair in Wallasey

 Fridge Freezer Repair in WallaseyWhen you can get top-quality fridge freezer repair in Wallasey, there is no need to abandon your old appliances. Perhaps all that they need is a minor repair or part replacement and they can give you years of trouble-free functioning for years to come. At Grange Electrical, our highly-trained, experienced and dedicated team can restore your non-working fridges, freezers, washing machines, cookers, hobs, dishwashers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and a host of other household appliances to full working condition. Today a lot of homeowners prefer to get their gadgets and appliances repaired rather than trashing them and immediately going out to get a new one. This makes a lot of economic sense, especially in these hard times, when home budgets are stretched to the maximum. Repairing is also a more environmentally sensible way of using these appliances, without creating enormous mountains of toxic waste.

For those living in Wallasey, fridge freezer repair provided by us is tailored to meet your needs, preferences and budget. We have more than half a century’s experience in this sector and undertake sales and repairs of all the leading national and international brands. Our totally professional services are efficient, sensibly priced and prompt, with our service department open Monday to Friday. We welcome both trade and retail inquiries for a wide range of spares and accessories. Refrigerators and freezers are a boon and an essential part of every home, supermarket, and food and hospitality business. Keeping the contents at the right temperature is a vital part of food preservation and safety. If the temperature is not kept at an optimum level inside, it could lead to spoilage of food and the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Along with fridge freezer repairs in Wallasey, our team can also give you the right advice on caring for appliances. To find out more, contact Grange Electrical today. One of the signs that your fridge freezer is not functioning properly is if you find that the food is not getting cold enough. If the ice in your ice trays is not frozen, this means that the cooling system needs to be examined. Regular inspection and cleaning of condenser coils, cooling fans, door seals and liners, helps to prevent damage.