Choose Affordable and Convenient Tumble Dryer Repair in Greasby

Tumble Dryer Repair in GreasbyIs tumble dryer repair in Greasby the right decision or should you just buy a new one? That’s the question you will have to answer at some point. We sell new appliances so we would be glad to deliver a new tumble dryer to your house. However, we also repair appliances and we can tell you that there is not a lot that can go wrong with a dryer. Grange Electrical has been established over 50 years. Our team knows a lot about the manufacturing, maintenance and repair of most brands of appliances. We stock spares for just about every brand of every appliance. Our customers are told that it’s okay to hold on to your old dryer as long as it can be repaired at a reasonable cost.

So what do you do if you open your dryer and the laundry is still wet? Often, in Greasby, tumble dryer repair is as simple as hitting the reset button. It’s found somewhere, usually the back, on your machine. Or, another simple fix is to clean the vent. Not just the one on the machine that you clean after each use but the one going to the outside. Lint can become compacted in that flex hose and prevent drying. That can also be dangerous because lint fires have been known to flare up. If neither of those are the culprit then one of our repair engineers may need to replace some parts. It’s likely we have the part we need so you won’t be inconvenienced for very long.

One tumble dryer repair in Greasby that often surprises people is the door. You may have been slamming it shut for years without a thought but now the dryer won’t start. There is a mechanism in the door switch that must make contact when the door is closed, or it won’t start. If it starts but the tumbler doesn’t tumble, a belt replacement may be needed. When the dryer doesn’t dry, it may mean you need a new thermostat. Those are all easy fixes. Before you throw out your old dryer, contact Grange Electrical. You may have some years left in your old dryer and if not, we’ll tell you.