Professional Fridge Repair Service in Bebington, Affordable, Reliable

Fridge Repair service in BebingtonFridge repair service in Bebington is fast and affordable when you call Grange Electrical. We sell, service and repair almost all brands of appliances and that includes older appliances. We maintain a large stock of spares and we’ve been at this location for over 50 years. There is always a good chance we have the part your older appliance needs. Your fridge could be in need of repairs without your immediate knowledge. Opening and closing the door and removing and replacing foods is a routine activity that doesn’t require our attention. If you cleaned up a puddle of water today by the fridge just like the one cleaned up yesterday, maybe it’s coming from the fridge.

Maintaining a safe temperature for food storage is important for food safety. In Bebington, our fridge repair service can check the accuracy of the fridge thermostat. If you suspect that foods are not as cold as usual, we can check the thermostat for you. It’s easy to miss signs that your fridge needs repairs or soon will. You are used to the hum of the motor and the sound of the compressor coming on and off. Since it’s not something you monitor, It could be off a long time before you’re aware of it. You might not notice until you notice the food temperature seems too warm. When that happens it could be the compressor has failed or maybe it’s just a bad relay.

When you call us for fridge repair service in Bebington, you are going to get an honest response. Some repairs, like a burned out motor or compressor may not be cost effective, especially if the fridge is old. We will still fix it for you if you want us to. However, we will tell you if we think you’re throwing good money away that’s better spent on a new appliance. Alternatively, we’ll also tell you when we feel strongly that your fridge is worth fixing. Replacing a relay, unclogging a water drain hose, and changing out a thermostat are small prices to pay compared to the cost of a new fridge. Contact Grange Electrical if your fridge stops working or you suspect a malfunction. Our engineers are well trained and experienced. They’ll have your fridge up and running quickly.