Tumble Dryer Repair in Hooton, Highly Professional at Top Prices

Tumble Dryer Repair in HootonFor professional tumble dryer repair in Hooton, we’re available to help you. We sell, service and repair appliances. Your tumble dryer is a necessary appliance, especially if you have a busy household with young children. You could do without your dishwasher, or even your vacuum cleaner. There is no chance you’ll do without your tumble dryer. If your tumble dryer has stopped working, and before you cry in despair, remember us at Grange Electrical. Our tumble dryer repair service is exactly what you need. A tumble dryer is an uncomplicated appliance and has but a few parts that may need repair. If these cannot be repaired, e can replace the parts.

There are some common things you can check for yourself if your dryer is not working correctly. Thus, in Hooton, tumble dryer repair may be as simple as clearing your vent and vent hose of lint. If the vent isn’t clear the dryer takes longer to dry the clothes. The drying temperature may become very hot causing the machine to shut off to avoid fire when vents are blocked. If the tumbler won’t turn you may need a new belt but first check the load size. A large load of very wet towels, especially in newer machines, may prevent the proper operation of your dryer. Not much thought is given to the door sensor of your dryer but if it’s not closed and making contact, your dryer won’t start. You may need a new sensor or perhaps just a realignment of the door or the sensor cleaned of lint.

When a tumble dryer repair in Hooton reveals a burned out motor, that’s when we want to compare the pros and cons of replacement or repair. We can replace the motor but if the appliance is old and not energy efficient it might be smarter to replace it with a new energy efficient model. Contact Grange Electrical when you need tumble dryer repair. We repair brands and types of tumble dryers regardless of age. That includes the newer electronically operated tumble dryers that get more sophisticated each model year. Our electricians are highly skilled and experienced on all machines and we’ll quote you a fair price.